How can you improve your chess?

What could you do, if anything, to improve your chess? Should you improve your opening skills? Does the endgame deserve more attention? Do you need to improve your tactical skills? Or is it something else entirely that needs to be changed?

This is a fairly short quiz, but is should give you a good idea which aspect of your play needs attention. Find out what you need to change and have fun!

Created by: Crazychessplaya
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  1. In the past twelve months, your chess rating (FIDE, USCF, site- or application specific, etc.):
  2. Playing white, how do you begin the game?
  3. How fast do you play in the opening?
  4. When you lose a game, it is often because of
  5. In the past twelve months, your body weight
  6. How well do you sleep?
  7. You have a king and a queen against your opponent's king and a rook. You will
  8. You have a king and two bishops of opposite colors (colours), against your opponent's lone king. You will
  9. Which of the following describes you best?
  10. Which part of the game causes you most problems?

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Quiz topic: How can I improve my chess?