Do you love your synagogue

This quiz will determine how much you like your synagogue. This test will reflect upon your personality and will give you tips on how to improve your feelings towards your synagogue.

What can you do to improve your feelings toward your synagogue? What is bothering you? Do you have the brains to deal with your issues? This great quiz will help you identify how you stand with respect ot everyone else.

Created by: Rabbi
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  1. Do you attend the davenning services in the morning?
  2. When you attend to the services, do you come in on time?
  3. Do you always daven with the minyon?
  4. Do you like your rabbi?
  5. Do you feel comfortable in your synagogue?
  6. Do you look forward to going to shul?
  7. If you would have any concerns, would you discuss them with the Rabbi?
  8. How close is your synagogue to your home?
  9. Do you walk to shul on Shabbas?
  10. Do you feel people don't like you in Shul?

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Quiz topic: Do I love my synagogue