Are you really in love?

Many say they're in love, but yet we sometimes never truely know. Love, afterall, is permanent and no one can change it. But it can be seen in many diffrent points of view and ways.

But the questio is, are you in love? DO you know everything about this persons personality or his/her favorite activities? In only a few questions you will see whether your in love or not.

Created by: Mara
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you know his favorite color?
  2. What's his/her favorite sport?
  3. What's his/her favorite activity?
  4. What's their favorite time of year?
  5. What's his/her favorite subject?
  6. Do you know his plans for the future?
  7. Do you think he/she thinks these kinds of quizzes are stupid?
  8. Does he make you feel special or unique?
  9. Do you know more about him/her than her parents?
  10. Do you know his/her dream career?

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Quiz topic: Am I really in love?