Do You Love Her/Him?

Many people feel that they are in love. That they just might have found there soulmate. Well lets put it to the test ... Don't be shy it will only take a few minutes. Prove your love for that special person. See if you really truly love him/her... Hopefully you will find the truth.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe you found him/her? Well see how in love your really are! It will only take a few minutes... Lets see if you are truly soulmates or love birds. Did you really mean I love you when you said it. Or are you in denial?

Created by: Joshua Jackson
  1. Have You ever avoided eye contact with her/him?
  2. Have you ever avoided her/him?
  3. Do you fantasize about him/her everyday?
  4. Do you find your self staring at him/her features while him/her is talking to you?
  5. Are you dying for her/him to ask you out?
  6. Would you make love to this person?
  7. If him/her was crippled would you still be with them?
  8. Would you risk your life for him/her?
  9. Would you bear children with them?
  10. Would you care if your parents did not like him/her?
  11. Are you sexually attracted to this person?
  12. Would you give up your dreams for him/her?
  13. Can this person get you to do unusual things?
  14. Would you try to break up his/her relationship if they were already taken?
  15. If him/her had a child would you still love them?
  16. Do you pleasure yourself thinking about him/her?
  17. If him/her popped the question would you say yes?
  18. Would you cheat to be with this person?
  19. Would you fight for him/her?
  20. Do you stare at him/her picture?
  21. Do you go on his/her myspace every day?
  22. (for guys only) would you buy feminine products for her?
  23. (for girls only) would you go down on him private or public?
  24. Do you feel for him/her troubles?
  25. Would you give all that you had for him/her?
  26. If him/her acted the same but was the same sex would you still want to be with him/her?
  27. Do you love him/her looks more or personality.. Be honest?
  28. Do you think you and him/her are a match?
  29. Are you keeping secrets from him/her?
  30. Are you angry that your not with them?
  31. Do you feel sad when him/her don't text you back?
  32. Would you leave him/her for the guy/girl of your dreams?
  33. (for guys only) Halle berry ask you to meet her at her motel.. So does she.. Who do you go to?
  34. (girls only) Brad pitt asks you to meet him at his suite.. And so does he... Who do you go to?
  35. If you was threatened to stop seeing him/her would you?
  36. If your brother/sister was dating him/her would you take him/her from them?
  37. Do you find yourself speechless around him/her?
  38. Do your heart ache to see him/her with another man/woman?
  39. Are you going to eventually tell him/her how you feel?
  40. Do you really TRULY, TRULY, TRULY love him/her after doing this long quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I Love Her/Him?