Have you found the "one"?

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This quiz will ask you questions about how you really feel about your significant other. And in the end it will test the probability that they are the one you'll spend your life with.

I've thought i've found love before, but it's obvious now they weren't the one. This test will basically get into your heart to see how YOU feel about them, just remember they may not be on the same page.

Created by: manders

  1. Do you think about them when you wake up?
  2. Do you think they are an amazing person?
  3. Do they make you a better person for knowing them?
  4. Do you two have similiar qualities and habits?
  5. Do you two do sweet things for and to eachother?, and if so what?
  6. Can you imagine your life without them?
  7. They look you in the eyes and whisper "I love you." You?
  8. Favorite place to be?
  9. Favorite Color? Sorry I have to know xD
  10. Have you enjoyed this quiz? I hope I did ok. This question doesn't count any percentage. Please rate and comment?

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