The dickhead quiz

"There are many great people out in this world, but there are also your everyday common, angry mean spirited people. Are you good for your special other, or are you just plain selfish? Lets see where you go from here. Are you happy with who you are. Do you need a wake up call for a change?"

"Are you good for your other? Do you feel you are a good person, or do you feel your significant other is on a different level than you? In a few short minutes you will find out how you may be treating other people. Espesically your special other. Enjoy this quiz!"

Created by: chris
  1. How often do you give your significant other flowers or gifts?
  2. Do you go "down" on your significant other when he/she wants it?
  3. If your significant other is sick, do you go out and get them medicine, tend to the things they ask for, and comfort them?
  4. What do you do after sex?
  5. Your Significant other invites her ex-boyfriend/girlfriend over to hang out. What do you do?
  6. You love your significant other. But they sucks in bed. What do you tell them?
  7. You can't stand your significant others friends. How do you handle it?
  8. Your significant other tell you she wants to bring another guy/girl into the bedroom. You say?
  9. Your significant other springs the question." So...Do you want to have kids." You respond:
  10. Your significant other tells you " I hate your parents." You respond:

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