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  • Heph's thread
    "Do you remember me? lol"
  • Heph's thread
    "Heph!! (:"
  • f--- you
    "Allen, not actual f---ing."
  • f--- you
    "Not you Kalafina lol you're the only one who talked to me."
  • f--- you
    "And you."
  • Hello (:
    "Hey everyone (:"
  • Personality test
    "I'm INFJ (:"
  • Roleplay? Fairies?
    "" Hold on you need to rest Riley you've been injured. You almost died.""
  • "Gosh the rules here have become stricter for sure."
  • Roleplay? Fairies?
    ""It's totally normal to feel confused and afraid. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have for me." I sat down in the chair beside the..."
  • Roleplay? Fairies?
    "The girl looked frightened and couldn't be over sixteen. I smiled warmly and said " You're at the Gracious Heart Hospital in Downtown Manhat..."
  • Roleplay? Fairies?
    "(yes lol)"
  • Roleplay? Fairies?
    "Before I knew what was happening my heart was pounding in my chest as my feet hit the floor running down the hallway. I could hear over the ..."
  • Roleplay? Fairies?
    "Okay sounds good. Create your character and I'll create mine (: Name: Miranda York. Age: 28. Profession: Doctor. Hair color: Auburn. E"
  • "Yes bottles will be up >.< Yeah it sucks /:"

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