are you as crazy as i am?

" there are many different types of crazy and types of normal.... see if your as crazy as me , as normal as the person next door or a mean person or what ."

" i was bored so i made this and i also wanted to see how many people are as crazy as me.... enjoy my quiz please, it's my first one so please don't be too hard on me :)"

Created by: manders

  1. Okay your mom walks in your room w/o nocking and your...?
  2. at school or work your the one...?
  3. On the weekend i can find you ....?
  4. Okay your house is on fire and you are...?
  5. you see your cruch at school and they walk up and say hey what's up?, you...?
  6. what's your favorite color?
  7. people describe you as..?
  8. Okay last question did you like my quiz? first one i've ever done XD
  9. hmmm i know i said number 10 was last but it requires me to do twelve i'm sorry do you forgives me?
  10. bye :)

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Quiz topic: Am I as crazy as i am?