The CrAzY Quiz!!

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DO you think you are CrAzY? Well, I assure, you might not be as weird as you think. SO step right up, and ake The CrAzY Quiz and discover what being crazy, is all about!

Are you afraid of being crazy? Afraid you won't fit in? Don't be! Because it is a gift to be crazy, and you have one heck of a time! So find out today! Your journey begins with the click of the button...

Created by: Raven
  1. If you're rolling down a hill in your canoe and your wheels fall off, how many pancakes can you fit in a birdcage?
  2. You have eight red hot dogs and fourteen purple spotted dinosaurs. What colour is the sky?
  3. How many forks does it take to taste the rainbow?
  4. What is the answer to everything including life and the universe?
  5. What is that?
  6. Is that squire on the fire?
  7. How many penguins are in a line?
  8. What is the radius of Pi times 25squared plus 56 thousand divided by 2?
  9. Is it ever appropriate to give another man a pickle?
  10. Rembrandt painted 700 paintings in his life. How many are still in existence?

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