What's your sexuality? (girls only)

Although lables can be pretty crappy at times, its nice to have something that we can call ourselves. But sexuality can be confusing to many..........

So what are you? Do you spend hours at night just wondering this? Well, time to find out! Or atleast get a better view of what you might be...........

Created by: JackJackAttack
  1. You see an attractive woman walking down the street.
  2. Has anyone ever asked you if you were gay?
  3. What do you think of men?
  4. What result would you be okay with?
  5. A lesbian at your school asks you out on a date. How do you react?
  6. You want to kiss...
  7. Who can you see yourself growing old with?
  8. What question number is this?
  9. You fantasies include:
  10. Last question! The person you have a crush on RIGHT NOW is:

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Quiz topic: What's my sexuality? (girls only)