Which Harry Potter Character Would Fall For You?

For you potterheads who have been wondering who would have dated you if you go to Hogwarts? And why do they like you? This quiz is literally just for fun.

Okay, I spent hours making this and I made this in the middle of the night so I'm sorry if it's crappy because I'm super sleepy. Sorry but enjoy! -author

Created by: keisha
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which house are you sorted into?
  2. What is your blood status? (If you don't know yet, take my other quiz!)
  3. You see a fourth year Gryffindor insulting and bullying a first year Slytherin, you...
  4. You were having potions class. It was test. Someone beside you cheated and didn't notice that you saw what they're doing, you...
  5. What is your Patronus?
  6. What is your favourite lesson?
  7. Someone dissed you sibling and insult your family, you...
  8. You and your friend was having a walk when a werewolf started to jump in front of you and attacked you, you...
  9. Describe yourself with two words
  10. What is your favourite animal?

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