world of harry potter

There are many Harry Potter fans but few like me are potterheads. After all you don't get to see a wizard or witch every day , do you? Go ahead , grab the wand and let's face this head on...

Are YOU a potterhead ? Do you have the brains like Hermione and a heart like Harry ? Until now you have only been wandering but now you have a chance to prove that you are worthy to go to Hogwarts.

Created by: shadow princess
  1. In the beginning of the third movie, which spell was Harry practicing ?
  2. What was Snape's parents' names ?
  3. What was Sirius Black's vault number ?
  4. What did Ron give Harry for his 13th birthday ?
  5. What is the middle name of Harry's eldest child ?
  6. What was Madame Maxime's first name?
  7. In the chamber of secrets , who did Harry turn into after taking the polyjuice potion ?
  8. With whom did Hermione go to the slughorn's christmas party ?
  9. When was Nicholas Flamel's name first mentioned ?
  10. And the last question... Who was the editor of The Quibbler ?

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