The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Are you a wizard?

It will be incredible to know whether we are a witch or wizard in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, as you could easily sort it out by your personality and magical aspect.

Are you a witch or wizard, or a Muggle? Do you have the prestigious quality for being a wizard? There you are, thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will be able to find out!

Created by: Redwood
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  1. Let's see, hmm, choose a snack.
  2. Hmm, a locked door. What do you do?
  3. Which colour appeals most to you?
  4. It’s the weekend! How are you going to spend it?
  5. You are materialistic.
  6. Unicorns are...
  7. Which came first, the phoenix, or the flame?
  8. Magic is...
  9. It’s a Sunday, and you find a new cafe. You ordered a cappucino, then you pay the waitress 11
  10. Which instrument most pleases your ear?
  11. Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - am I a wizard?