The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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The wizarding world of Harry Potter is amazing, appealing, attractive (these are only the As), including fantastic beasts, extraordinarily dangerous but exciting games, and lots of other mysterious but fun facts about witchcraft.

So are you ready to take an exceptional hard quiz (in my point of view)? Let's see then! Test your Harry Potter knowledge right away, and in just a few more minutes you will know your results!

Created by: Ravenclaw Witch
  1. In wizarding currency, how many Sickles are in a Galleon?
  2. In wizarding currency, how many Knuts are in a Sickle?
  3. Definition of Squib:
  4. At Apothecary, how much is a silver unicorn horn?
  5. You would end up at which of the locations below if you try the wizarding platform seven and a half at King's Cross?
  6. At Ollivanders, how much does a wand cost?
  7. Describe the reason of Fat Friar's death.
  8. Before Minerva McGonagall became a teacher at Hogwarts, which job did she take part in?
  9. It took five and a half minutes for the Sorting Hat to decide whether to place Minerva McGonagall in Gryffindor or
  10. You would _______ if you are willing to be an Animagus.
  11. You would prepare _________ for brewing Cure for Boils.
  12. Of the eleven wizarding schools in the world, the African school of Uagadou informs students of their admission by...
  13. Describe the process of the Sorting ceremony at Beauxbatons.
  14. Lastly, name a Hogsmeade shop.

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