What Hogwarts house are you in

Ever, ever, ever wondered what Hogwarts House you are in. I bet you have. Come on admit it. You probably picked one out yourself but now.........now you see if it's true.

Do you LOVE Harry Potter enough to sit thinking about houses? If you are taking this quiz I bet you do. This is a quiz for true Potterheads ONLY! So if you are not a Potter fan...would you be so kind as to GET OUT! No just kidding

Created by: Emma
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  1. You are in a magic garden there are four things. Do you look at a......
  2. Which do you prefer....
  3. You LOVE parties. Now is your 1 opportunity to throw one for you and your friends. Do you......
  4. There is a traffic jam. You car can fly. Do you.....
  5. Choose a snack.....
  6. What is your muggle job? (Or job you will have in future)
  7. What is your wizard job?
  8. Who would you go to the Yule Ball with?
  9. Would you enter the Triwizard Tournament?
  10. This is soooooo pointless but will you comment or rate this quiz
  11. This is soooooo pointless but will you comment or rate this quiz

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