Is He Right For You?

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Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend is actually the right one for you? Relationships can be confusing sometimes and sometimes we're unsure as to if things are going to work out.

Take this quiz and find out if this guy is the right one for you. This quiz was made specifically for girls and bisexual/or gay guys. This quiz is very accurate so you'll know the true results. Answer all questions honestly.

Created by: Lee_Laceration
  1. How long have you and this guy been together?
  2. How often do you two talk/text?
  3. How often does he come to see you?
  4. Would he rather see you in person or text and talk on the phone?
  5. Has he ever introduced you to a friend of his?
  6. Does he hold your hand or flirt with you in public? Even sometimes?
  7. When you kiss him, do you ever get that fuzzy, warm feeling deep in your stomach?
  8. Does he ever just randomly hug you and hold you for a few seconds?
  9. Does he lay in bed with you and cuddle with you at night?
  10. Do you feel like you can tell him anything and he won't judge you?
  11. Say a guy walks by and slaps you on the ass, what do you think he'd do?
  12. Say you won a date with the lead singer of your favorite band, would you do it despite you have a boyfriend?
  13. Who usually starts the arguments?
  14. When you have sex, does it feel special?
  15. When you're on the phone, does he happen to get preoccupied most of the time?
  16. A girl walks by that is very attractive. Would he actually say "wow, she's hot" in front of you?
  17. When he's staying at a friend's house, does he still find the time to give you a call?
  18. Is he respectful and nice around your family?
  19. Does he ever get mad or irritated when you want to hang with your friends?
  20. If he saw you crying, what would he do?
  21. Can you goof off in front of him when you want?
  22. Does he try to mess with you sexually in front of people or in public?
  23. If you called him in the middle of the night crying because you had a nightmare, what would he say?

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