how much does he like you ?

well , you should probably take this quiz if you are unsure about how much he likes you ; whether or not he is your boyfriend , or just a friend . it's always good to wonder :)

if you are a boy , you probably shouldn't take this quiz , unless you are gay ? lol and i may not be a professional , but i know how boys work . and i know what i am talking about :)

Created by: tatiana
  1. does he kiss you in public ?
  2. does he call you often ?
  3. what happened the last time you hung out ?
  4. does he look in your eyes when you speak ?
  5. how much does he tell you about himself ?
  6. where would he be more open about himself ?
  7. does he show off for you ( to make you laugh )
  8. if you were at the mall and he got french fries , would he offer you any ?
  9. does he watch you when you walk away ? ( if you don 't know , put letter C . and ask a friend to watch next time you get a chance . it 's a good way to see how he feels by the look on his face when you turn around , rather than when he's looking at straight on .
  10. have you ever caught him day dreaming while hugging you , or even being near you ?

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