Is he your boyfriend or best friend

Are you unsure about if your guy is your boyfriend or best friend? Then there is nothing better then this quiz. It will help your with your problem and maybe you'll underdtand him more

The quiz is created by a newly quiz writer so excuse me if isn't so good. It will still help and it is a fun little quiz if you are bored. It is easy and not to big worded

Created by: Dark Angel 13

  1. Do you guys hang out alone at times without any awkwardness?
  2. Does he ever look at you and smile, or look away when he notice that you see him?
  3. Does he ever touch you or at least try to?
  4. Does he ever make you laugh or at least try to?
  5. Do you think he knows you good enough to fill in a quiz about you?
  6. What do you think he is?
  7. Sorry. It is my first time making a quiz so just pick a number. Will NOT affect your result
  8. Now Pick a band. Will still not affect your results
  9. Pick a colour. Again no affect. I am going to stop saying it has no affect,just know
  10. Pick a letter
  11. Sport

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Quiz topic: Is he my boyfriend or best friend