Does He Like You?

You know that guy you've been obsessing over for the past few weeks? The super cute one with the curly brown hair and an adorable smile? Is he simply your friend, or is there something more? Take this quiz to find out what's going on between you two!

Do you think your crush likes you back, or are you unsure, and too nervous to just ask? Well take this quiz to find out if he's feeling the same way you are!

Created by: Katy
  1. How close are you to your crush?
  2. How much do you two talk?
  3. Have you ever hung out just the two of you?
  4. Do you ever text?
  5. How long have you known each other?
  6. Which of these things have you done?
  7. The school dance is coming up, and neither of you have dates, so....
  8. What song best describes your relationship?
  9. If you pass him in the hallway at school, what is he most likely to do
  10. Does he know your family?
  11. Do you hang out together at school?
  12. Last question, do you think he likes you?

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