Falling in love in the Rain...(part1)

I hope you guys enjoy my story and comment if you can.So in the next paragraph it's just about how you look like and more.Plus I apologize for the results they definatly will be off.

Your name is Rosie Hemmings and you're 16 years old and you have medium dark brown hair.Plus you live with your mom and dad but your dad's barely mentioned.Jamie,age 6 is your cute little brother with brown curly hair and is really sweet and sometimes annoying.Lastly your big sister Casey who you hate has long dark brown hair and is 17 years old.Hope you enjoy part 1:)

Created by: messymouse
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  1. (First please read the summary so things make sense.) "Wake up Rosie!"Jamie your little brother squeals as he pushes you back and forth. "Okay,I'm awake,I'm awake!"You say as you cover your head with your pillow. "You better it's the first day of school!"He yells. "What!"You almost scream as you quickly sit up on your bed and take out your phone from under your pillow(such a handy place to keep it). After you quickly check your calendar on your phone you get up to run to the bathroom to take a quick shower then head get in your robe and go to your closet to see what to wear.So,what do yo wear?
  2. After you change you head downstairs to eat breakfast with eveyone else.Everyone is gathered around a round table.You pull out seat beside your big sister Casey who is take a picture off her breakfast and posting it on instagram.You roll your eyes and begin to eat. "Good morning kids."Your mom says as she walks into the kitchen. "Oh good morning mom,did you just wake up?"You ask. "Yeah,I stayed up last night waiting for your father and he's still not here"she says alittle concerned. "Don't worry he's I bet he's alright.But if you just woke up who made breakfast."You ask as you stop eating your breakfast. "It was me.Thank the queen."Casey says as she makes a face at you.
  3. After everyone is done eating your mom yawns and says"Kids I'm going back to bed" "Who's gonna take us to school?"You ask "The one who just got a new car in the summer.Lets go you losers."She says as she countinues taking selfies.You photo bomb her next picture by sticking your tounge beside her. "Are we going or not I wanna go to 1st grade!"Jamie says unpatiently as he stomps. "Okay lets go."Casey says as she gets up showing her really revealing outfit.A really small leather skirt with her tank top showing her bellybutton. "Casey Hemmings go upstairs and change your clothes!"Your mom shouts. Casey rolls her eyes then stomps upstairs.You and Jamie wait in the livingroom watching tv.
  4. After waiting for 30 straight minutes Casey still hasn't changed and Jamie begins to whine.You just lay back and watch tv til Jamie gets awfully annoying then you ask your mom til you could just walk Jamie and yourself to school.After it takes some convincing you and Jamie begin to walk. Jamie stops and looks up to you and asks,"Rosie can you please hold my hand?"
  5. No matter what you say Jamie holds your hand.You guys countinue to walk til you finally reach his elementry school.When you countinue walking to your highschool you realize you left your backpack at home!
  6. You quickly turn around and begin running home til you crash into someone and fall to the ground. "Ow."You say as you rub your head. "I'm so sorry."a voice says.You look up seeing a handsome guy with light brown hair who has skin like he's tanned himself. He reaches out a hand which you grab and get up. "It's alright it's my fault I wasn't watching where I was going."You say as you brush off some dirt off your outfit."No,it's my fault I was searching where is Smithfeild High on my phone."He says. "Oh your new,I go there I can walk you there."You say then remeber you came all the way back here to get your backpack. "But first let me go get my backpack."You say then run inside and grab your backpack seeing that Casey's still there. "Wow your still here."You mumble alittle louder than you thought. "Hey I actually care about my looks."she says as she puts on more lipstick. "But I actually care about going to school not looking all dirty."You hiss before you head outside with your backpack.
  7. You and the cute new kid begin walking in akward silence til you say"So my name is Rosie what's yours." "I'm James,thanks for helping me find my way."He says. "No problem,when did you move here?"You ask. "Last week.It was raining pretty hard the week before so we moved in a week later."He says. "Oh,so where'd you guys move from?"You ask "Pretty much everywhere because my dad always jumps at the chance at any new job offers."He says. "So,where..."before you can say anything else James cuts you off and asks"Let me ask you some questions instead of you interrogating me."He says with killer smile.
  8. "So,Rosie what did you do over your summer?"He asks casually. "I taught my brother how to ride a bike finally learned how to drive a car and nearly drowned at the beach cause my sister thought she lost her phone in the ocean and practically anything lame you can think of." You answer. "That sounds pretty fun."He teases. "Well it actually was."You say sarcastically. James laughes a bit then asks"Have you ever ridden a skateboard?" "No,why?"You ask. "Maybe I can teach you if you show me around town on Friday."He says. "Okay,but I don't have one."You say "That's cool I got extras."He says You thank him and before you know it you've already reached your highschool.You guys walk across the parking lot til you hear loud music playing from a red car.Casey's here.
  9. Casey steps out off her car with some other of her friends which she probably just picked up. "Hey rugrat."She says "Is that your little boyfriend?He's way out of you league."She says looking up and down James. "No he's not I just met the guy.If you ever just looked your neighboorhood you would notice alot more."You say as you begin to walk away. "Whatever.You,call me?"she says as she winks at James and walk away. "Wow."James mutters. "Don't worry I know her number."You say. "No,it's not that I've never seen a bigger slut than that.I feel sorry for whoever lives with her."James said "Then that's me."You say "Oh."He says. "Lets hurry inside you need to get your shudule."You say.
  10. When you guys walk inside the building you show James the office then head off to find your homeroom but are stopped by Lisa your best friend. "Hey."You say casually. "That's all you haven't seen me since the lasr day of school!"She says "Okay,hey!"You nearly shout "That's better!I missed you so much!"Lisa says as she pulls you in a bear hug
  11. When you guys walk inside the building you show James the office then head off to find your homeroom but are stopped by Lisa your best friend. "Hey."You say casually. "That's all you haven't seen me since the lasr day of school!"She says "Okay,hey!"You nearly shout "That's better!I missed you so much!"Lisa says as she pulls you in a bear hug. "Girl,I can't breathe..."You manage to say. "I'm so sorry.Plus I have a suprise to tell you!"She says as she bounces up and down. "What is it?"You ask. "I..." Cliffhanger!

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