(the best) one direction love story part 1:)

One Direction is a super hot BRITISH boy band and there are 5 members in case you didnt know their names are Niall Liam Harry Zayn Louis..and only some will like you at first but eventually they will ALL like you. Yepp

Niall- Blonde, Irish, Blue eyes Zayn- Black hair, brown eyes, tan Harry- Brown curly hair, green eyes Louis- Brown hair, blue eyes Liam- Brown hair, brown eyes

Created by: bravogrl

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  1. Ok so just some backround info for the quiz is your name is Taylor and your 16 almost 17...Your dad just happens to be ONE DIRECTIONS MANAGER! And btw your an aspiring singer and your very good:)
  2. "I hate England its soo dreary" you tell your dad looking at the rain out the window in your new hugee mansion house "Tay its been like 4 weeks since we moved and your still complaining! You know i have to be here because of my new job" "Yeaa I know...but a little sunshine would be nice"
  3. "Well you should go get ready my clients are comin over soon for lunch" "Oh who r they again??" you say sleepily "One Direction" "Oh my god!!! you didnt tell me it was ONE DIRECTION!!!" You say then race upstairs to get ready.
  4. You look in the mirror "Oh god i look like i just got runover by a car! We have some work tooo do" Then you shower, blow dry then flat iron your longgg blonde hair. You put on a good amount of make up and get dressed in...
  5. "Dangg I look pretty good" you say to yourself admiring yourself in the mirror. *DING DONG* "AHH" you do a mini scream.. "Ill get it dad!!" you say running down the stairs and flipping your hair twice before opening "Heyyy" you say trying to act casual "Hey we are looking for umm Mr. Collins" mumbles Harry staring at a piece of paper "Ohh yeaa thats my dad. Come on inn" you say opening the door and leading ONE DIRECTION into your dining room you hear the guys whispering behind you and wonder what they are talking about..hmmm. Until you get there and your dads says "Hey guys your late. Im Mr. Collins lets start our meeting then. Oh hey Tay why dont you make us some of those great brownies for when we are done with lunch" "Sure thing dad" you say in your cutest voice and flash a great smile before heading to the kitchen to make your AMAZING brownies.
  6. Soo you know your just makin some good brownies when someone taps your shoulder "Um hey wheres your john?" you turn around kinda startled "Um i dont know anyone named John.." you say confused. Sauddenly Niall bursts out laughing untill you realize how blonde you just acted.."ohhh bathroom haha sorry..blonde moment" you say super embarresed "hahaha thats fine i know what you mean" he says pointing to his adorable blonde hair "Yeaa its right over there by the office" you say pointing to the other side of the house "thanks" he says winking then goes to the bathroom
  7. Did niall just flirt with mee?! you think smiling then finish stirring the batter when niall comes back right as u are licking the SPOON!! "Heyy your not gonna let me try any?!" he joked trying to sound offended "Want some" you say flirty holding the other spoon out "heck yea!" he says coming over to you grabbing the spoon from your hand and licking it "Its so boring in there" he says "Haha and i have to live with him" you say then crack up because Niall had chocalate brownie batter on his nose."What" he said which just made you laugh harder "Idk look in the mirror.. mr chocalate nose" you say. Niall gets super red and starts rubbing his nose which just makes it smear all over untill he finally gets it off "Good job" you say smiling "Well i better go back in" he says then slips you a piece of paper "Talk to you later" you say with a wink. then open the paper which is HIS NUMBER!!
  8. After the brownies bake you bring them into the dining room "Finnaly we are starving!" says Harry as you walk in. "Well you try making them!" you say flirtily and place them right by your dad "Thanks hun we will be done soon" "Kay" you say then slowly close the door behind you. As your leaving you hear Harry whisper "Shes so hot" to Louis.
  9. After the guys leave and your cleaning up the dining room your dad comes in and says "those boys are very nice" with a wink "Ohhh dad shut up" you say blushing. "Well you know we are going on tour in 4 days" "Yeahh?!?"you say gettin excited "Well I think it would be good for you to come along because you can see what life is really like being a pro singer and see if its the path you really want to go down and the boys said they would give you singing/stage lessons." "OMG DAD THAT WOULD BE SOO AMAZING!!!" "I thought you would like it but you have to be on BEST BEHAVIOR. I saw those boys cheacking you out.." he said "You just made this really awkward.." you say then go up to your room to start packing!!
  10. Ok soooo CLIFFHANGER!! Stay tuned for part 2!!:) Please Please comment!! OH and rate!!

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