A Summer Romance

Its Summer and your new in the city,you also came from a small town.You had to move there since your parental got a new job that pays really good.School doesnt start until September,so you have lots of time to explore and wander.In the city there are also five areas: 1.Red zone,where the lower class lives. 2.Yellow zone,where the middle class lives. 3.Green zone where the higher class lives. and 4.Blue zone where people go to work. The Boys:Jacob, Ramiro, Anthony, Chris.

Look's & Personality's: -Jacob: Light brown eyes;short spiky dark brown hair;has a good shape of lips;He's a really fast runner and and a really sweet guy who will make you smile. -Chris: Dirty blonde hair thats side swept;blue eyes;and has a really cute crooked smile.His passion is skate boarding and you can always depend on him. -Ramiro: Short black hair that is usually spiked at the front;has dark brown eyes nd big kissable lips.He's really good at base-ball,and he can usually be a jerk but he knows when hes gone to far. -Anthony: Dark brown hair thats curly;He has dark green eyes and cute freckles.Hes shy most of the time but girls always fall for him.He loves to play soccer when he has the time.

Created by: Daniela
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  1. "Mom?" you ask waiting patiently in the car."Yes honey?" " when are we geting to our house?" " when we pass this yellow line." *groans* "...You know your cousin Veronica lives down the street" She says trying to bring up a random conversation.You say:
  2. You finally get to your house and everything is already in.So you decide to go to your room and throw yourself on your bed, and watch some cartoons.After a few shows you decide to take a walk and start exploring the city.You tell your mom & she says its fine, so you:
  3. So you walk a couple blocks and end up at a park.Your legs start to hurt so you sit on a near by bench.You close you eyes for about 5 min. and then you feel really hot smelly breath in you face.You open you eyes and scream at the fact that theres a huge dog in your face. He jumps off the bench and out of your way to reveal the person you least wanted to see...Veronica.
  4. She looks at you with a mean look and says,"Oops my dog mistook you for his girlfriend...well you look like her." You look at her with the same mean face and say,"what do you wnat?" "Nothing ugly.My mom said i have to say hi and welcome you to the neighborhood." "Oh well thanks...can you leave me alone now?"You reply. "No i have rules i have to tell you about,Number 1.."Veronica suddently dissapears when you see 3 boys walking and one on his skate board.
  5. You cant help but stare at the four good looking guys. "hey looser are you listening to me?"Veronica asks. You just keep looking at the four good looking guys and keep ignoring her. "UGH! whatevs!"Veronica says walking away with her huge fat dog.
  6. Your still staring at boys,until the one on the skate board falls and you cant help but laugh really loud.He hears you and gets up really fast and he gives you a nice crooked smile.You smile back.He turns around and begins talking to the other boys and then the one with curly hair turns to look at you.Then you turn beet red when all of them are looking at you.
  7. You look away fast and notice from the corner of your eye,the boys walking toward you."hey"the boy on the skate board said."Im Chris,you must be new here." "yeah my names _____."you reply." Thats a pretty name..hey uhm.." "Ehem"Chris gets interrupted by the boy with curly hair."OH! this is Anthony,Ramiro, And thats Jacob." "Nice to meet you guys."You say.
  8. "So we were wondering if you could drink this."Jacob says. "yeah Chris says its gross,but we'll let you decide."Ramiro Said while holding the purple colored drink. "Uhm,Sure..I guess"You say unsure.
  9. You grab the weird purple drink and gulped it.Then you saw nothing but darkness,and you wake up on a couch. "You awake?"Ramiro Asks Whispering...
  10. I'll post the next one as soon as possible!! Cliff Hanger!
  11. Who do you like so far???

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