Where Will You Find Summer Love?

THIS QUIZ IS FOR GUYS AND FOR GIRLS SO EVERYONE CAN ENJOY! Where will you find Summer Love?!?! Start your search in the right spot! This quiz will help you!

So where will you find that summer love that you know you want!?!? Don't know?!? Well this quiz will help you discover where the right place to look is! Good luck and have fun!

Created by: aszand_58
  1. It's raining outside, and you were supposed to go swimming today. What will you probably do instead?
  2. You're going on a first date with your crush. You'd be so impressed if he took you: (if you're a guy, where would you take a girl?)
  3. It's your BFFs bday, and you want to surprise him/her. You:
  4. What tech toy are you totally addicted to?
  5. Your summer uniform pretty much consists of:
  6. You're at the mall with friends and you just spotted a really cute boy/girl in the food court. What do you notice about him/her first?
  7. Which reality show do you think you have the best chance of winning?
  8. Which celeb do you think is the hottest out of the following? (girl crush - guy crush)
  9. For you, it's a deal-breaker if your crush:
  10. You got in trouble with your parents and now you're grounded from the computer. You miss:

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Quiz topic: Where will I Find Summer Love?