Your Ideal Summer Day Trip

Summertime, ain't it great? Well maybe you think so and maybe you don't, but we can all agree that summer is a great time of year for day trips. You know, fun things to do to pass the time and make the most of the summer months. But we all have different tastes and interests, so we end up choosing to do a number of different things to have fun.

So here you are at the summer day trip quiz. It will determine your ideal summer day trip, after you answer the questions below. Just answer as best you can and hit submit. The quiz will tell you your ideal trip and hopefully you will agree! Enjoy!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Where do you live?
What do you think about summer?
I love summer!
I hate the heat!
Summer is okay
How far do you live from the coastline?
Less than 30 miles
30 miles to 60 miles
60 miles to 200 miles
More than 200 miles
Do you ever feel the need to get away from it all?
Yes, majorly. I need some peace and quiet!
Yes, I could use some time away
Not often
No way, I need to be around people!
Are you a night person, morning person..?
Total night person, I'm up late a lot
Total morning person, I go to bed early
I'm in between
How do you feel about gambling?
It is fun
It is morally wrong
I'm just not interested
What best-describes your personality?
I love to party
I'm intellectual
I'm shy
I like to chill and drink
I'm very traditional
I'm kind of a hippie
How physically-fit are you?
Very fit and athletic
Somewhat fit and athletic
A little bit; I've seen better days
Not physically-fit
Not even a little bit
Do you love to shop?
The sun is...
...bright and beautiful enemy
If your theoretical favorite uncle invited you over for a backyard picnic, you would...
...make any excuse not to go
...go grudgingly
...go happily, it will be fun
How many close friends do you have?
Do you ever go anywhere where your cell phone loses reception?
What cell phone?
Indoors or outdoors?
Quiet or loud?
Art or sports?
Dressed up or casual?
Dressed up
Do you have a lot of money?
A little
More than a little
A lot
How much stress do have?
A little
A lot
How do you relieve your stress?
By relaxing
By going out and doing something
Do you ever feel the need to just get out of the house?
All the time
Not too often

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