Which festival's right for you??

All across the world, but Ireland in particular, there's many major festivals coming up in the summer months, but how do you know which is the ideal one for you??

Well, this quiz can help you, just answer a few short questions, then you'll have the answer to that one all-important question... WHICH FESTIVAL SHOULD I GO TO??!

Created by: george
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Expensive fast food or cheap fresh food??
  2. What kind of crowd would be ideal?
  3. What music do you want to hear?
  4. How important are the facilities?
  5. What will be your ideal buzz?
  6. Have you been to a festival before?
  7. Which of these bands appeals to you the most?
  8. What average age people would you prefer to be there?
  9. What kind of clothes would you wear to a festival?
  10. How long could you last without sleep? (roughly)

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