Retrospective Exhibition of the EPF

To celebrate the fact that the Edinburgh People's Festival has become a charity and registered company, we put together a retrospective exhibition telling the fascinating story of this festival.

Check with this quiz how much you really know about the EPF. We highly suggest you visit the exhibition before taking this quiz and pay attention to the exhibit cabinets as well.

Created by: Johanna Dind

  1. Hamish Henderson said the Edinburgh People's Festival was Scotland's second greatest gift to the world. What was the first one in his eyes?
  2. Whose decision was it to establish the Edinburgh International Festival?
  3. Why was Edinburgh chosen to host this International Arts Festival?
  4. Why was the Edinburgh People's Festival created?
  5. The motto of the Edinburgh People's Festival in 1951 was "For Working People, by Working People". What's today's motto?
  6. One of the great innovations of the original Edinburgh People's Festival was:
  7. Which remnant of the 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival is available to buy today?
  8. Which event in the 1952 People's Festival programme received the most reviews in the newspapers of the time?
  9. What event ultimately triggered the end for the Edinburgh People's Festival in 1953?
  10. Even though the 1953 festival was much smaller than the previous two, it was particularly dear to Hamish Henderson's heart for what reason?
  11. Hamish Henderson cherished one 'object' all his life and carried it in his pocket eager to show everyone. What was it?
  12. Why was the Jack Kane Centre chosen to host the reformed People's Festival Cabaret evening in the memory of Hamish Henderson in 2002?
  13. David Sneddon's appearance in the 2002 Cabaret Evening symbolises the huge potential of the Edinburgh People's Festival because:
  14. One of the main distinctions between the Edinburgh People's Festival and the Fringe is:
  15. In 2004, the Edinburgh People's Festival presented 'A Quiet Night In' where?
  16. A special endorsement was given to the People's Festival in 2007 by whom?
  17. In 2008 the People's Festival developed in one important regard, what was it?
  18. The budget for the week long Edinburgh People's Festival last year was around:
  19. Which part of Edinburgh has hosted more performances of the People's Festival in recent years than anywhere else?

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