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Scotland is a sweepingly beautiful country, with so much history! There are over a thousand castles, and there are puffins, fluffy cows, hedgehogs, and lambs, and there are delicacies that you can only find there.

Only google the answers as a last resort! You'll feel so nerdy when you get 100% all on your own! (Nerdy is amazing!) Scotland is worth a visit, or two, or twenty!

Created by: R.H.
  1. How many islands does Scotland have?
  2. What is Scotland's national animal?
  3. Did Edinburgh Castle always belong to the Scottish?
  4. Which animal will you NOT find in the wild in Scotland?
  5. The bridge the Hogwarts Express chugs over is in Scotland. What's that bridge called?
  6. What's the tallest building in Scotland?
  7. Which of these definitions of names for Scottish food is NOT correct?
  8. What river are the Fairy Pools a part of?
  9. What movie was not filmed in Scotland?
  10. Which of these famous movie actors is NOT Scottish?
  11. What is Scotland's most popular Sport?
  12. What was Robert de Bruce of Scotland most known for?

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