Hogwarts Love Story Pt 14.2

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The Champions are chosen; the first event is just moments away. Thus begins the start of the new year, exciting adventures lie ahead for all of you. Now, let's see where today's tale takes us!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Everyone was muttering one thing after the other when dismissed from the Great Hall. It wasn't a shock to people that Harry was called to the front, odd, however not shocking. When Harry left to join the rest of the champions all the teachers even those from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang immediately followed straight after. Ron stormed off when everyone was dismissed, you told Hermione that you would wait for Harry; she thanked you and went off to go follow Ron. It wasn't long before Harry was now back in the halls of Hogwarts, you sat by the stairs and shouted when he exited the Great Hall. The other champions followed after, Viktor did not acknowledge you, Fleur smiled and told you that she would meet you later and Cedric, just walked right past after glancing at you and Harry. "You waited for me?" He said, giving a tone of surprise yet at the same time happy
  2. You nodded as you made your way over to stand beside him to walk together. "How did it go?" You asked as you looked at Harry who was looking straight, still holding the seared parchment "Honestly, not so well. Everyone was furious especially the Headmaster of Beauxbatons." "Well, it's not like you're going to stay in the competition." You said as if you were so sure of yourself, Harry said nothing as he continued to stare straightforward; the hesitation in Harry worried you. "Harry, they can't be serious! You're only in your Fourth year! You'll...die!" The both of you reached the third floor; Harry leaned against the railings with his head down "I have no choice. The moment my name came out of the Goblet, I qualified for the cup. Crouch said so himself as well as Bagman. The first challenge is in a matter of days." He sighed into his chest, you placed your hand in Harry's back and placed your head on his shoulder blade "Harry..."
  3. The two of you stood there in a silence. You didn't know how Harry was feeling but you did know, you'd be there for him. "I should go talk to Hermione and Ron now. They're probably waiting for me." He said as he stood up straight to face you; you straighten your posture as well and looked Harry right into his bright green eyes. You didn't say anything but gave Harry a hug. You can tell that he flinched by the way his arms were hesitant but he did return the gesture "Be safe." You whispered, you pulled away and smiled. He thanked you before he departed, you were now alone in the staircase; the best idea right now would be heading straight for the common room.
  4. The common room was lively as ever as you entered. You saw a bunch of rowdy first years fool around, as well as Ambrosia gloating that she was asked to the Yule Ball by one of Draco's friends; Blaise Zabini (Poor Guy). The thought never occurred to you that you had to bring a date. Hopefully, someone will ask you soon. You saw Fleur at the fireplace with a bunch of her friends from Beauxbatons, you approached them with a friendly smile and they kindly returned the gesture. "Fleur, are you going to accept that invitation to the ball from that boy? What's his name? Uhm, Roger Davies?" One of Fleur's friend asked, you didn't know much of him except that he was the Quidditch Captain for Ravenclaw "He is good looking, however, he doesn't really pay attention to what I say..."
  5. "How about you, _______? Did you receive an invitation for the Ball?" Fleur asked as she looked over to you, it was pretty awkward with all her friends surrounding you waiting for your answer. You were hesitant but you told them no; you were relieved when majority of the girls related because no one has asked them. "You didn't manage to get a date? Why? None of the guys at Hogwarts are good enough for you?" A cold shrieking voice ran up your spine, you turned around to see Ambrosia as well as three other girls from your house with a caked face full of make-up staring right towards you. "Does it matter? I'm sure that Blaise didn't even ask you. You used the love potion I gave you and smuggled it into his food, didn't you?" You fought back, Ambrosia scoffed as she flipped her hair "Doesn't matter, at least I have a date!" "That's not true!" Fleur defended you; you turned around as you were shocked that Fleur manage to speak for you.
  6. "I'm sure that the Slytherin boy with blond hair will ask _______." Fleur said so sure of herself, your jaw dropped; you begged Fleur to stop but she couldn't see her friends tormented. "The way he looks at her-" "Blond hair? Ha...ahahahaha! You can't be serious!" Ambrosia said as she cut off Fleur, she broke out in a hysterical laughter which nearly formed tears in her eyes. "You're not talking about Draco Malfoy, are you? Oh, this is just too precious!" "I don't see why it's so hilarious." You said as you eyed down Ambrosia. She wiped a tear that formed from her eye and flicked it away "I've got to hand it to Draco. This is pure genius, Draco setting your hopes high only to have them crushed. I never knew you would actually fall for Draco though. I would say he's out of your league." "Spit it out already!" You yelled at her, you were two seconds from clawing her eyes out "Draco is going to the Yule Ball with Pansy." She said with a smug look, your world went tumbling down. It's not like you were hoping that Draco would ask you to the ball, were you?
  7. You filled with rage; Ambrosia wasn't worth any time after what you've heard. Despite the need of releasing all your fury and rage on her, you simply got up and walked to your bedroom. Fleur called out to you, she was going to follow you but she stopped in front of Ambrosia to give her a swift yet fierce slap across her face. She shrieked as she hid beneath her friends, Fleur made her way to follow you as well as her friends. You were in your room staring at your bed, you crouched underneath to pull out a box; inside was the white rose, Draco's diary and a bunch of miscellaneous items. You picked up the diary and flipped through the previous entries "May 21st, 1993; Entry 7. I've been working with _______. A lot, she's really quiet but she gets the work done. Thank God, better than having Pansy fawn over me." You threw the diary into the box and kicked it right under you bed. By the time you did, Fleur entered the room
  8. Fleur sat beside you as she asked if you were alright. You didn't cry or anything, it was a first. You weren't mad at Draco; at least that's what you told yourself. Fleur wanted an honest answer from you about how you were feeling; you turned to her and simply stated the most obvious lie "I'm fine." She was disappointed but she understood, if you wanted to talk about it, you would talk about it. The day ended much the worse than yesterday; the following day, there was already spirit represented for the different champions, majority of the students had on "SUPPORT CEDRIC DIGGORY" buttons that eventually flashed to "POTTER STINKS" it was revolting that the entire student body could wear such a thing. "This is terrible and to think, Hogwarts isn't glad that we have two representatives. They're all just jealous because it's Harry and not them." You said as you were walking with a girl from Beauxbatons who was extremely nice. You were walking in the Charms corridor when you passed by Cedric who was surrounded by a large number of girls. However, he managed to escape it all to approach you (Aw! How cute!) "________! Hey! Wait up!" "I'll see you later! Bye" You said to the girl from Beauxbatons.
  9. Cedric walked up to you with his light brown locks and his charming white smile. "Good Morning! Congratulations on being selected!" You smiled to be polite, he thanked you and gestured you both go for a walk. "How does it feel?" "How does what feel?" He asked as his hands in his pockets, looking down every once in a while "Having the pressure of winning the Tri-Wizard Cup for Hogwarts?" You asked while swinging your arms back and forth, you were surprisingly calm standing beside Cedric. "It's pretty light, knowing that Harry is also competing. I didn't expect to see him walking down the staircase." "It shocked everyone once his name shot out of the Goblet. Professor Dumbledore looked as if he was going to die right then and there." You chuckled, obviously hinting as a joke to Dumbledore's death "Are you going to support me in the tournament?" He asked as he looked up and stared you the eyes "Of course, for the sake of Hogwarts, yes." "I mean personally, I know your friends with Fleur and Harry. I just want to know if you're going to be with me all the way." He said in a sweet gentle dreamy tone, you hesitated for that reason as well as the thought seemed preposterous.
  10. "I don't like to choose favourites. I already have a hard time with that as it is." You said tilting your head away him. "That's kind of you. Treating everyone as an equally, seeing them as indifferent but maybe-" "What is it?" Cedric had an interesting aura surrounding him, he stopped in his tracks letting you walk one or two steps before you turned around "Are you going to the Yule Ball with anyone?" He asked straightforwardly, you slightly dropped your jaw to the question; you turned a gentle shade of pink for the look on Cedric's face was serious. "N-No. No one has asked me yet..." You said quietly as you brought your left hand to your face, he smiled as he walked over to you standing face to face. "Would you be so kind as to be my date for the Yule Ball?" He said in a very gentle tone once again, this time grabbing your right hand. He was being incredibly gentlemen like and it as so hard for you to resist. "You actually want to take me?" You chuckled and laugh
  11. He chuckled and swung your arm back and forth "That's basically the idea of me asking you right now." In all truth, it would have been a great experience for you and why should you worry? Draco is going off with Pansy and you were pretty sure that Oliver would be too busy with Quidditch if you asked him; you were free to live your life. "I'd be honoured to, champion." You smiled as your curtsy; he shined his perfectly white teeth at you as you accepted. From that moment on, in about two months, you would be going to the Yule Ball with "Cedric Diggory?! You're going to the Yule Ball with Cedric Diggory?!" Neville shouted as he was standing in the Black Lake; his pants were knee high as he was searching through the water. "I've already cleared that with you four times! And why should it matter? You're already going to the Yule Ball with Ginny! You should be glad for the both of us!" You said as you laid your back against a tree with a book called; The Wondrous World of Water Plants on your lap. It was after classes; there was no work or detention today; it as a free relaxing day.
  12. "Trust me, I'm actually over the moon that I'm going with someone, and an actual girl too. She's been dying to go to the ball; it benefits the both of us" Neville said as he used his hands to coast through the water "I just thought, you'd go with anyone other than Cedric." "What do you mean by that? He's a nice guy!" You defended while using your hand to block the sun whenever you looked in Neville's direction "Can you tell me how it looks like again?-Well, yeah he's a nice guy but do you remember when you and Oliver dated? He was a nice guy too." He said as he stood up and looked in your direction, he exhale for he was exhausted "It appears almost like a clump of worms, dark green. So, you think I'm going to date Cedric?" You asked after reading a section out of the book, changing subjects in between the conversation; he shrugged and went back to coasting the water. "Wouldn't be a first and it wouldn't be a surprise." "Oh come off it! Why do you need to find Gillyweed anyways?" You said sounding annoyed, you stood up and put the book aside as you walked down to the waters. "Professor Sprout needs a few samples of it. We're going to test out its properties in the next lesson." He said as he continued to look through the water, he managed to find what he was looking for as he shouted "Aha!" He stood up and held the worm-like plant in his hand. "And how exactly are we going to do that?" You asked as you stood up and walked over to the coast. You felt disgusted by just the sight of it "You hungry?" Neville looked up and tried to shove one in your mouth, you quickly spat it out and squealed "That's disgusting! Neville, argh! You're such a git!" You shouted only to having him laughing. "We'll just see who's laughing when it's down your trousers." You laughed
  13. Hello! I decided to end the story on a happy note. I personally love writing Neville and Cedric scenes because they always end up on a bright side! Well, I managed to take some ideas into the story; you will be attending the Yule Ball with Cedric, however I got some secrets up my sleeve! So, don't jump to any conclusions yet! I am also trying to work all the Quidditch Try-outs request into account but I don't even know if there is any Qudditch in the fourth story because of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, so I guess that'll be in the fifth year but it will definitely be there; it's already recorded! I have four days school starts; so the releases will be much slower than I'd like it to be but I will keep on working! Also, the results will be returned back to how it was originally; it just wasn't working out for some of you. Well, farewell to all of you potterheads! I'm going to start on Pt 15 (I don't even know what's going to be in it...) Stay magical! x

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