How Carbondale are you?

This is Test about Carbondale. No not the one in Illinois the only one that truly matters...Carbondale Pennsylvania. Come test you knowledge of the city, see if you know about the famous people, places and events that have taken place in the glorious city.

I apologize in advance for any misspellings or gramatical errors. Hell, I'm from Carbondale, we never stressed good English. Also any names used are just to stress how important those people are to our great city. This quiz was made in fun and to give the town a little online recognition.

Created by: Joe
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  1. The Star, the Black Desert and the dirty spot are the names of what?
  2. The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is spent?
  3. Carbondale is divided into two sections, Name those sections
  4. When referring to the park, which park are you referring?
  5. The home of the 1.99 breakfast is?
  6. Everyone in Carbondale knows or is related to at least one member in which band?
  7. If you are from Carbondale, you were taught to drive by whom?
  8. In April of 1993 what historic event took place?
  9. Finish this sentence: It's cold outside....
  10. If you drive down Main street, you will mainly find what?
  11. In Carbondale you will find more of what?
  12. How many Churches are on Church Street?
  13. If you are going to lunch, where are you headed?
  14. Was there a girl in your graduating class that was pregnant/already a mommy?
  15. In the inter-city sports rivalry, who owns who? (I'm talking about the real Sacred Heart)
  16. For the hottest night life where are you headed?
  17. How many of your graduating class actually deserved to graduate?
  18. Carbondale is home to what famed resident?
  19. Was it a latern?
  20. If you live in carbondale your father works at....
  21. If you live in Carbondale your mother works at....
  22. The Roosevelt is...
  23. The two main routes out of Carbondale are...
  24. What is Carbondale's Nickname?
  25. When you hear the fire whistle you....
  26. What is the biggest weekend in Carbondale?
  27. Collectively what is higher total number of the people in Carbondale?
  28. In the past calander year, has anyone from your graduating class been in the Carbondale Police Log?

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Quiz topic: How Carbondale am I?