Is Romance in Your Life

This is just a quiz to test some levels of romance in your life. Just random questions thought up here and there this quiz is not accurate are right but try it it's fun. There are three diffrent outcomes from bad, so so, to just strait good wich one do you think you have.

Many peoplelook at romance many ways and many people look for romance in many places. I think romance is for everyone you just got to go and find it. I don't know if everybody do are if everybody can but you should at least try.

Created by: Dwayne
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a male friend are female friend?
  2. Are you lonely at times?
  3. Do you have a boyfriend are a girlfriend?
  4. Do you sleep alone?
  5. Are you Intimate?
  6. Do you get what you want from your other?
  7. Do you have One partner and other friends?
  8. Do he are she pleasure you?
  9. Are you in a serious relationship with one person?
  10. Do you still get the simple things in life?
  11. Are you spoiled?
  12. Is there genuine love between you and your other?
  13. Is there a genuine trust?
  14. When you call can you reach them?
  15. Do you share affection?
  16. Are you friends with benefits?
  17. Have your feelings ever changed?
  18. DO he are she go out of ther way for you?
  19. Do you consider your other a simp?
  20. Do you play childesh games?
  21. Do you get what you want from more than one person?
  22. If you don't get what you want do you get it else where?
  23. How long Have you been together

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