Is he yours or not

There are people who question the thoughts of others. do you wonder if he actually likes you or does he want to stay friends. What does he think about me.

Do you think he loves you! do you think he has what it takes to be your boyfriend.Well if your unsure take this quiz! its 500% acurate. do you want know a hint. Think about this. Does he make you smile!

Created by: bek

  1. Does he look at you non-stop
  2. Does he try to anything he can to put his hand on you
  3. does he get you your stuff
  4. Does he try to make you laugh or does try to tick you off
  5. does he act awkward around you
  6. does he show interest in what you do
  7. does he make silly comments for no reason
  8. when people ask him if he likes you does he blush and say no
  9. Does he make you feel special
  10. Do you think your in love around him

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Quiz topic: Is he mys or not