Do you like him, unsure, or just confused

Love is and can be many things but one thing it can't and can never be is unsure. Some people could use help on if its there or not. And a lot of people make mistakes with saying they are and unsure about it.

I want to help those who are u sure about a crush or love. Let me help you bring out your unspoken words.My quiz may or may not help but just to know that its there is just fine.

Created by: Desi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you first saw him how did you feel?
  2. Do you know things about him his personality mainly? scale 1-10
  3. How attractive is he to you.
  4. What candy thingy describes him?
  5. What candy thingy describes you?
  6. Can you picture a relationship with him or ex.)?
  7. How dose he make you feel whenever you see him, Or your near him.
  8. How often Do you think about him? (Daily)
  9. Do YOU honestly think that you like him.
  10. How do you feel today?

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Quiz topic: Do I like him, unsure, or just confused