How Does He Really Feel?

Are you confused? Feel like he's messing with you? Suspect that he has feelings? Unsure of how he feels? Etc, well this quiz will help you find out how he feels towards you.

By taking this quiz you need to be prepared for answers you may or may not like, but these answers are probably right. This quiz will clear up any doubts you have... Enjoy!

Created by: lillee
  1. This doesn't count towards your final result, but how do you think he feels about you.
  2. Does he stare at you?
  3. How close does he get to you?
  4. Does he interact with your friends?
  5. Does his friends interact with you?
  6. Does he talk to you?
  7. Does he get jealous/watch/eavesdrop on your conversations with other boys?
  8. Does he follow you on social media?
  9. Do you hang out together?
  10. How often do you see him?
  11. Finally... Is he a player?

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