Does A Bad Boy Like You

There are many Bad Boys, but few just for you. A Bad Boy who can make you happy. A bad boy is someone who can go to the extreme. "A Bad Boy is only truly bad for his perfect bad boy/girl."

"Are you ready for the results?" "Does He feel the same for you?" In a few minutes of honest quiz taking you'll find out how he feels about you. And how you feel about him!!

Created by: Jasmine

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Color Does He Wear A Lot?
  2. What Type of Bad Boy Is He?
  3. What's Your Fashion Style?
  4. How Bad Is He?
  5. What's his Schooling?
  6. Does He Notice You?
  7. Let's Talk More about You........ How well do you know him?
  8. How are you around him?
  9. What Do You Do On Your Free Time?
  10. Did You Answer This Accurately????

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