How does your dog feel about you?

Are you wondering about how your dog feels about you? Well you could stop being lazy and look it up, or just take this quiz! These are all different signs about how your dog feels about you!

Discover if your relationship is working or not and what you can do to improve it! This will help you as long as you are completely honest and all it takes is a couple minutes!

Created by: Hannah Mertz
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  1. What is your dog's tail movement when you approach them?
  2. How often does your dog follow you?
  3. How does your dog lick you?
  4. Does your dog jump on you?
  5. How does your dog play with you?
  6. What does your dog look for in you? (Please be honest!)
  7. Can you trust and count on your dog?
  8. Does your dog feel comfortable sleeping with you?
  9. How do they react to wounds/sickness?
  10. This may seem silly but, what are your dog's facial expressions?
  11. Did you like this quiz, was it helpful?

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Quiz topic: How does my dog feel about you?