How Does He Truly Feel About You? (Adult)

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Almost every single woman has at some point found themselves wondering how the guy they were into felt about them. There are tons of quizzes for young girls, but barely any for adults. That's where I come in

I've got some questions to help me suss out exactly how your person of interest feels about you. You'll have to answer completely honestly. Don't give me the answer you think is "Correct" and don't fall victim to wishful thinking. This is the only way to get the correct answer.

Created by: Emy
  1. How Often Do You Communicate?
  2. Has he added you on social media? (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc.)
  3. Does He Text/Call you back?
  4. What are your conversations like?
  5. Is he seeing someone?
  6. Has he ever indicated interest in your relationship status?
  7. Has he ever asked you on a date?
  8. Have you had sex?
  9. Have you kissed?
  10. Have you cuddled?
  11. Does he compliment your appearance?
  12. Does he touch you? (Play with your hair/HRub your shoulders/Hold your hand/Put his hand on your leg, etc.)
  13. Where is he looking when he talks to you?
  14. How Often Does He Initiate Conversations

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