How Well Do You Know Your Cars?

There are people that know about cars, and then there are people who have a car just to have it. You passed your driver's test. Well, didn't you? You may be a teen, or a fully-knowledgeable adult, but we should try this and see how much you know!

How much do you know? You may think you know alot, but take the quiz to see what you really know. But, don't feel disappointed if you get a very low score, many people get this score, and its an average score. Don't feel bad!

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  1. What SUV by Jeep replaced the Grand Wagoneer when Jeep discontinued it in 1992?
  2. What 1970's car had a gas tank, that, if hit from the rear, would cause the car to explode and catch fire?
  3. What muscle car introduced in the 1960's is still popular and still sells well today? Hint: not all of these cars were introduced in the 60's.
  4. What was the first economical fuel-sipping car introduced in the US?
  5. Who was the first to pioneer in SUV's?
  6. What was the American muscle car introduced in 1970 and was discontinued, and then reintroduced for 2009? Hint: not all of these were introduced in 1970 and reintroduced for 2009.
  7. Who pioneered OnStar, the first system to contact you in an accident? Hint: all of these car manufacturers have an assistance system, or did at one time, but don't anymore.
  8. What luxury car is Brittany Spears famous for having?
  9. What does MDS stand for in Chrysler Corporation's HEMI V8 stand for?
  10. Who recently introduced an in-car voice activation system that controlled an MP3 player, as well as your Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Cars?