How much do you know about cars?

Have you ever thought you like cars and are interested in them? Do you think you know enough about cars to beat this quiz? Well then, try it out, maybe you will be surprised!

Many people will make a few mistakes, but that's because most people are ignorant about certain aspects of cars. Are you one of those ignorant people, or are you knowledgeable?

Created by: Steve
  1. First of all, how do you start a car?
  2. Ok, now how do you make a car go?
  3. How do you change gears with a manual transmission car?
  4. Now, how do you steer the car?
  5. How do you make the car stop?
  6. What do you do when it is a rainy day?
  7. How does a car drive?
  8. Do cars or their fuel tanks explode?
  9. What is the exhaust used for?
  10. What type of drivetrains do you get?
  11. What fluids do cars use?
  12. What is the suspension used for?
  13. What do you do if the seat is not right for you?
  14. How fast should you drive?
  15. What kinds of fuel do cars use?
  16. When was the first car invented?
  17. What was the first car called?
  18. Ok, enough history lessons, here's something else: Why do cars have tyres?
  19. What must you do before turning?
  20. What does the fan belt do?
  21. Why does a car need oil?
  22. Why do modern cars deform so easily in a crash?
  23. And finally, how do turbos and superchargers work?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cars?