The ultimate cars quiz

Most people claim they have a good knowledge about cars. But the truth is, there are only a handful of true car people. This quiz will find out about your status.

So do you know a lot about cars? Do you have the guts to figure out this amazingly complex quiz. Find out NOW. Warning: contains questions that are brain killers for some!

Created by: Felipe

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  1. How many cylinders does the engine of a Lamborghini Gallardo have?
  2. Name one of GM's branches
  3. Which is more expensive:
  4. Name one brand of FCA
  5. True or false: Most brand new Hondas use a CVT transmission
  6. Easy: What fuel do most trucks use:
  7. True or False: Some cars use natural gas?
  8. Name the famous British car show which was recently discontinued.
  9. T or F: Rolls Royce is owned by Ford:
  10. Which company uses mirror mounted cameras for blind spot detection?
  11. Bonus: What kind of car do you own?
  12. Which do you prefer:
  13. Bonus: Which of these is most interesting:

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