Are you a true car guy?

Do you think you're a car guy? Do you talk with your friends about cars and just act like you know what you're talking about? Or, are you the kind that does know a lot of cars and are sick of posers?

Here's a quiz to tell if you're a true car guy. It doesn't have anything to do with tearing a motor apart, or what size engine a certain car has, its all about your general lifestyle towards cars.

Created by: Joel

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  1. You're in a gas station after just filling up. You have enough money to buy a magazine. Which one do you pick up?
  2. You're in the middle of a football game. It's 3rd and 1 and you have to stop the other team now. Just before the snap, you hear the sound of tires screeching and a roaring engine. What do you do?
  3. You just scored a 1929 Model A out of the car yard for a low price. You ask your friends what they think, but they all have their own opinion, (restore it, rat rod it, leave it be, paint it this color,)what do you think?
  4. What kind of movie car would you want to test drive?
  5. You're at a car show showing off your freshly restored classic car. A guy walks up and tells you he thinks your car is a genuine POS. What do you say back?
  6. Which of these musical genres do you know best?
  7. You're cruising around in your muscle car. The hottest girl in town asks you to pull over for a ride. She has an ice cream cone in her hand, but you let her in anyway. She drops the cone. What now?
  8. You've just won $30,000 on a hot lotto ticket. What's the first thing you buy?
  9. Favorite movie of all the following?
  10. In "American Graffiti," what kind of car does the character John Milner drive?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true car guy?