Are You a True Friend?

Do you think you are a "true" friend to someone? Do you think someone thinks of you as a "true" friend? I hope you all find a true friend in your life... Someone that is very important to you. Take this quiz and find out!

Always remember "true" friendships are something to be proud of, nourished, and held close to your hearts. If you have found this... Then you are 2 of the luckiest people in the world... Hold onto it... Its a very precious thing.

Created by: Tracy
  1. Do you make time in your day to say hi to your friend every day?
  2. Do you only have time to call your friend when you need something?
  3. Do you owe your friend money?
  4. Do you buy things for your friend instead of paying them back?
  5. Do you ask your friend for favors often?
  6. Do you automatically assume that your friend will always say yes?
  7. If your friend needed you, would you drop everything to be there for them?
  8. Do you criticise your friends family, kids, or spouse?
  9. Do you tell your friend EVERYTHING?
  10. Are you honest with your friend?
  11. Do you expect your friend to always be honest with you?
  12. If your friend had something to tell you but they were afraid it would hurt your feelings, would you still want them to tell you?
  13. If you had something to tell you friend but were afraid you would hurt their feelings, would you still tell them?
  14. Do you treat your friends kids like they were your own kids?
  15. Can you tell if something is bothering your friend even when they don't tell you there is?
  16. Can you and your friend finish each others sentences?
  17. Can you act like yourself around your friend?
  18. Can your friend act like themselves around you?
  19. Do you see you and your friend growing old together?
  20. Do you keep your word to your friend?
  21. Are you there when your friend just needs someone to vent to?
  22. Is your friend there when you need someone to vent to?
  23. Do you try to get together as much as possible?
  24. Would you protect your friend from harm?
  25. Would your friend protect you from harm?
  26. Do you hurt when your friend cries?
  27. Do you miss your friend if you don't talk to them everyday?
  28. Do you love your friend?
  29. Would you do anything for your friend?
  30. If your friend suddenly couldn't take care of themselves, would you take care of them and their family?
  31. How many "true" friends do you have?
  32. Do you feel you are a true friend to somebody?
  33. Do you feel that somebody considers you a true friend?

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