Are You A TRUE Friend?

I hope that this little friendship quiz helps you check on how much of a true friend you are or how much you need to improve on being a friend. I hope this quiz helps you figure out what you need to do to improve your friendship. Tell your friends to check out this quiz site and take my quiz if you liked it.

Are you a TRUE friend? Are you a GOOD friend? Are you a HORRIBLE friend? Are you a SUPER, AWESOME, TRUE friend? I hope you made it to being a SUPER, AWESOME, TRUE friend and not a HORRIBLE friend. I hope you enjoy this little quiz of mine! Have fun and remember, BE HONEST!! HONESTY ALWAYS COUNTS ON THIS QUIZ!

Created by: Jessica
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  1. Do you treat all your friends equally?
  2. Are you always truthful to all of your friends?
  3. Do your friends trust you?
  4. Do you trust your friends?
  5. Do you fight with your friends alot?
  6. Do you ask your friend for free stuff?
  7. Are you kind and generous to them?
  8. Are you honest around your friends?
  9. Do you gossip* about them? *Gossip-Talk about them behind their backs.
  10. Do you keep their secrets?
  11. Do you respect them and their stuff?

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Quiz topic: Am I A TRUE Friend?