A friend...or foe?

You may have a lot of true friends. But what is a true friend? Are YOU a true friend? Do you care about others feelings? Do you respect everyone around you? Are you nice? Those are the things a true friend is. If you are not sure if you're a good friend, please make sure you do.

Are you a good friend? Are you a friend who needs some work? Do your friends always whisper and gossip behind your back? Take this quiz and find out what your friends think of you, and if they think you're worth having as a friend.

Created by: Cristina
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  1. Your friend forgot to do her homework. She asks to copy off yours. You say:
  2. Your friend wants to see the score you got on your L.A. test. But you got a D- and are embarrased to show her. You tell her:
  3. On pajama day, all your 3 best friends wear matching pajamas but left you out. You are crushed. You say:
  4. You are the most popular Clique in school. You and your friends are sitting at a table with an empty seat. One of your unpopular friends asks to sit with you. Your other friends don't want her to. You:
  5. You and your unpopular friend have plans to the movies. But last minute, one of your popular friends call and ask you to go shopping at the Glen.You:
  6. Your science teacher is talking about a very important project that is half your grade in science. Your friends pokes you and asks if your going shopping after school. You:
  7. You tell your friend your deepest, darkest, secret. She promises not to tell, but then tells your worst enemy(who is her friend) and your worst enemy tells everyone. You are SO embarressed! You:
  8. You let your friend borrow your favorite 20-different color pen. She breaks it. You're SO mad! You:
  9. You and your friend go to buy ice cream, but once you get there, you realize she forgot her money at home! After you buy your ice cream, realize you have enough left for another ice cream. You:
  10. BONUS: *Would you rather*

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