is your friend a fake?

all friends are different. some are naturally witty, some are just really reliable. but is your friend a real friend, or is your friend a genuine. find out by taking this test. oh, and dont tell your friend your taking this test coz she/he could think you dont trust them.ok?

this test will reveal what type of friend your friend is. you could think there your best buddie, but they could be using you. who knows? in a few minutes you will find out, so take the test to know if your friend is real. hopefully he/she is a true friend .

Created by: fee-fee
  1. your friend has just got a boyfriend/girlfriend. you ask her/him round your house in the weekend, what does she/he say?
  2. your friends just bought some sweets, what does she/he do?
  3. your out with your friend for the day and you go into mcdonalds for lunch. youve left your lunch money at home, what does she/he do?
  4. when was the last time you went round her/his house?
  5. what are the three words you would use to describe her/him?
  6. your friends borrowed a cd she/he gives it back...
  7. your boyfriend/girlfriend has just dumped you, you ring your friend up and ask her/him to come round, he/she...
  8. you havent done your homework so you ask to copy your frinds, she/he says...
  9. you are being picked on by a bully, she/he...
  10. what one of these do you think your friend is?

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Quiz topic: Is my friend a fake?