How real are you???

So many people are fake now days you would be surprised to know how many people you think weaR A halo really have horns.YOUR BEST FIREND COULD BE MADE OF PLASTIC EVEN YOU COULD BE SO FAKE YOU FORGOT WHO YOU WERE ITS SAD BUT IT HAPPENS

How fake are you???Does everyone know you are fake or can they barely even tell? take the quiz to find out ARE YOU REAL? ARE YOU DOWN TO EARTH IN REALITY WITH THE REST OF US THIS TEST IS MOSTLY FOR WOMEN BUT MEN CAN TAKE IT TOO IT JUST WONT MAKE MUCH SENSE

Created by: shyanne
  1. If someone has all of your crushes attention and is flirting insanely you...
  2. how many times have you died your hair in the past 6 months
  3. would you ever have plastic surgery just to make yourself look better ?
  4. How many times have you lied about your age
  5. if someone you really dont like walks up and joins your study group you....
  6. what do you say you did last night
  7. how much do you smile
  8. who do you tell i love you
  9. how many times have you maybe lied on this quizz
  10. are you fake

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Quiz topic: How real am I???