How much do you really know about the Sunstreak?

There are tons of "Streakers" out there these days.Are they really Streakers?Are you really a Streaker? You need four things to officially be a Streaker; 1.You must have [Streaker] in your myspace display name.If you dont have a myspace then u need 1 =D. 2.You must have the Sunstreak as one of your friends as well as the Official Fanspace. 3.You have to pass this quiz! 4.You have to rock your face off to the Sunstreak at least 4 days/week So get to work And a German Flag

So do you think you have the guts to prove yourself to be a real Streaker? Not just some fake. A real Sun bad ass mother lovin Streaker if you think you do then prove it right here right now unless your scared.

Created by: Luke

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What was their formal name?
  2. Who is the lead singer?
  3. Who plays the drums?
  4. Who plays the bass guitar?
  5. Who plays the guitar and does voacls?
  6. Who plays guitar/synth and also does vocals?
  7. What school did Tony graduate from?
  8. When is Tonys birthday?/How old is he?
  9. What color are Tonys eyes?
  10. What's Tonys favorite movie?
  11. What's Tonys favorite tv show?
  12. What's Tonys Favorite Food?
  13. What's Tonys favorite thing to do?
  14. When Tony was little what did he want to be when he grew up?
  15. What's Tonys favorite animal?
  16. What color are Jasons eyes?
  17. What's Jasons favorite movie?
  18. What's Jasons favorite tv show?
  19. When is Jasons birthday?/How old is he?
  20. What's Jasons favorite food?
  21. What's Jasons favorite thing to do?
  22. When Jason was little what did he want to be when he grew up?
  23. What's Jasons Favorite animal?
  24. What school did Jason graduate from?
  25. What's Jasons favorite guitar to use?
  26. What color are David Schulers eyes?
  27. Whats Daves Favorite Movie/Tv show?
  28. Whats Daves favorite food?
  29. When Dave was little what did he want to be when he grew up?
  30. Whats Daves favorite guitar to use?
  31. What's Gary Fosters favorite tv show/movie?
  32. What's Garys favorite food?
  33. What's Garys favorite thing to do?
  34. What's Garys Favorite animal?
  35. When Gary was little what did he want to be when he grew up?
  36. What's Garys favorite drumset?
  37. What color are Jack Flynns eyes?
  38. What's Jacks favorite food?
  39. What's Jacks favorite thing to do?
  40. What's Jacks favorite guitar to use?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about the Sunstreak?