Should you use Facebook or Myspace?

Now it comes to us now that almost the entire world is using a social networking site and now the two very most popular in the world are Facebook and Myspace. So then, now many people either have both, or one of them.

So now people are using these then there is always going to be competition. People are always going to say that Facebook is better or Myspace is better. But many people do not know which is better to use. So this quiz is made to figure out which is better for your personality.

Created by: DespicableSharon of Facebook
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  1. First off, which do you have, a Facebook or a Myspace?
  2. Do you like things to be more precise and clear, or are you very busy and unmanageable?
  3. Do you like doing thing one at a time, or you don't mind doing a whole bunch of things at once?
  4. True or False: You hate spam.
  5. Would you like to customize your page with personal themes and music or do you like your page to be plain and the same as others?
  6. True or False: You don't mind having a conversation on the internet and other people can read it.
  7. True or False: You like to play internet games.
  8. Do you like going on Facebook or Myspace, or neither if you do not have one.
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Quiz topic: Should I use Facebook or Myspace?