how much of a good friend are you

There are many good friends. But not many true friends.true friends care about you. what is a true friend? a true friend is when they cheer you up when you are sad, when you need someone to talk to,and when they really care about you.

Are you a true friend? Do you care about you're friends to qualify for that awesome title? Until now you could only wounder. But thanks to this awesome and wonderful quiz. In just a few minutes you will find out if u are a true friend.

Created by: sam
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  1. if u got in a fight you would
  2. If a friend invited you to her house and you said ok and then u dont feel like going to her house how would u tell her
  3. if you and a friend liked the same guy, and he asked you out and u now how much ur friend liked him what would you do?
  4. if a friend lied to you what would u do?
  5. if a friend invited another friend to spend Christmas with (him or her)but didn't invite you what would u do?
  6. do u like having friends?
  7. do u like your boyfriend more or your friends
  8. do you're friends come to you for advice
  9. do u like you're friends
  10. how many friends do u have

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Quiz topic: How much of a good friend am I