Should You Take A Chance?

GIRLS ONLY! Should you say hi to him? Ask for his number? Even ask him out? This quiz will determine whether this is a waste of your time or the start of something great.

Look, if you feel it's true love, get off this quiz. Because hat means you like him and the answer is obvious: go for it. But if you're just single and bored, heck, let's found out!

Created by: Damask

  1. Do you really like this guy, like really?
  2. If you answered yes, you like him, then duh take the chance! If you're just bored then keep taking this quiz.
  3. Are you in another relationship or like someone else?
  4. Do you feel incomplete when you're single?
  5. Have you done something daring in a while?
  6. So, you're probably thinking about this guy right now. Do you have butterflies in your stomach?
  7. Is a friend going to be helping you with your brave act, whatever it may be?
  8. Would you consider yourself boy-crazy?
  9. Are you lonely?
  10. Do you WANT to take the chance?
  11. Does the thought of taking the chance terrify you?
  13. Look, I was kidding. Wait for your results to determine if you should take the chance or not.
  14. PLEASE comment! I'd love to hear th risk you took! PLEASE!

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Quiz topic: Should I Take A Chance?