do you have a chance with her

Do you think you have a chance of getting a date with her. Take this simple and fast quiz and comment after you are done with it thank you. -Alexander

Do you have a crush. Do you wonder if you even have a chance with this girl. Take this simple and fast quiz to find out. Please comment when you are done.

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have lots of friend. [This does not take or give more points]
  2. Does she stare at you?
  3. Do you love her?
  4. Do you know her birthday?
  5. if you do what do you do for her?
  6. Lets you do get one date where do you go?
  7. What is a good birthday present?
  8. does she know your birthday
  9. is she dating someone
  10. Are you dating someone
  11. do you hang out with her
  12. Do you make her laugh.
  13. Are you friends?
  14. Are you going to rate [Does not affect]
  15. Are you alike?
  16. Are you gong to comment? [does not do anything]
  17. Do you know each other friends

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Quiz topic: Do I have a chance with her